The Class of 2020 is a stellar group. We know this because they were thoroughly tested during their time at UIC. Not just in the traditional sense (by their faculty) but in the more important tests that life presents. They have the distinction of being the first class since 1918 to graduate during a pandemic! They rose to this unprecedented challenge with poise and confidence. They will do the same throughout their careers as the next generation of leaders of the profession of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.

The Class of 2020 has exceptional role models. As in previous years, our graduation ceremony, though virtual, included a tribute to our Golden Graduates—the alumni celebrating their 50th reunion. This year we honored the class of 1970 for their long commitment to the profession of pharmacy, their service as role models to our new graduates, and for their everlasting support for the UIC College of Pharmacy. They are examples for all of us.

The Class of 2020 attended one of the very best colleges of pharmacy in the world. They are ready to conquer the world of pharmacy. While they do, we hope they will stay connected. If we have learned anything in the past few months, it is how important it is to stay connected. Stay connected to your roots, to your family and loved ones, and to the College of Pharmacy.

We are proud to proclaim the Class of 2020 to be alumni of the UIC College of Pharmacy. Like the rest of our 10,000 alumni, our exceptional faculty, our Golden Graduates, and our graduation ceremony speaker, Dr. Rina Shah, the Class of 2020 is UIC!

– Glen T. Schumock, Dean, UIC College of Pharmacy

Class of 2020

  • 202 Graduates

  • 3 Valedictorians

  • Unlimited Opportunities

Featured Speaker - Dr. Rina Shah

Dr. Shah, PharmD 2005, is the Vice President of Pharmacy Operations at Walgreens.

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Featured Speaker - Dean Glen Schumock

Dr. Glen Schumock is the Dean of the UIC College of Pharmacy.

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Oath of a Pharmacist - Dr. Kevin Rynn

Dr. Rynn is the Vice-Dean of the UIC College of Pharmacy

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